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Our coffee bags are now made entirely from plastic that can be recycled. We've removed the foil and paper and our new bags are made from PET/PE plastic. These new bags can be recycled but unfortunately many councils in the UK, including Sheffield, offer very confusing guidance on recycling. There are also significant issues with the exportation of recycling to other countries for processing. We encourage our customers to find ways to recycle these products but please do check with your local council first.

We've found a company that recycles coffee bags, but that service comes at a cost. This cost is outside the reach of most customers, so we have purchased a bag recycling box.

If you buy coffee from us, we will pay for the recycling costs of 'BrewMoor' bags, all you have to do is get them back to us. Collect as many as you can and bring or send them back to us at the address below and we will do the rest...

Coffee @ Moor Market

MS1 Moor Market

77 The Moor


S1 4PF

The collected bags are sent off to Terracycle for processing where they undergo extrusion and pelletisation to be moulded into various recycled plastic products.

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